Top 5 Anticipated Announcements from DockerCon 2015

Top 5 Anticipated Announcements from DockerCon 2015

Docker moves fast and we expect to see some amazing stuff at DockerCon next week. This article outlines our top 5 most anticipated announcements for this year's conference. As a disclaimer, we don't actually have any inside information into what's going on. Some of this stuff has some good evidence to support it and other stuff we just made up.

5. Docker Training and Certification

In a lot of ways, Docker is following the steps of VMWare from a few years ago. With a product and a technology as complicated as Docker, having an official training and certification program is valuable for the industry. Knowing you can trust the experience of an individual because they've been stamped for approval goes a long way to identify talented employment candidates.

4. Docker Enterprise

Docker's been doing enterprise support for a while now, but with the number of investors Docker has, it's time to get more money from us. I expect Docker will release an enterprise version of their product with features not found in the open-source version. This is a very similar technique to other prominent open-source projects like MongoDB and Nginx.

3. Networking

The weakest part of Docker has traditionally been its networking stack. There have been several third party attempts to fix it, and one of them, SocketPlane, was recently acquired by Docker. Having SocketPlane, which is actually Open vSwitch, integrated directly into the Docker toolchain would be a great addition.

2. Docker for Windows

Microsoft hinted at something last year and it's time for them to deliver. Having containers in the Windows core seems like a long-shot, but with Microsoft's new "culture of openness" it wouldn't shock me all the way to death. A more reasonable expectation is likely HyperV working behind the Docker API, which is also ok, I guess.

1. DockerOS

CoreOS came out a while ago and provided an OS targeted directly at running containers. Then they got into an argument with Docker and released Rocket. Now CoreOS and Docker aren't best friends anymore and it's time for Docker to release it's own streamlined OS. Of all the things on this list, this is by far the least likely, but also the coolest if it were to happen.

There you have it. These are our top 5 most anticipated announcements for this year's DockerCon. Of course, we also expect amazing additions to existing tools like Swarm, Machine, and Compose, but this list is meant to cover the new additions to the ecosystem. Do you have your own predictions? Drop them in a comment below and let's discuss!

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