My Love Nodes No Limits

My Love Nodes No Limits

I’ve been working with and loving Node and the community since March 22, 2013 when my boss forced me to learn what we did at the company. My relationship with Node has been the longest relationship I’ve successfully been in. One year, one full year of tears, sweat, travel, camps, conferences, booze, nerds, more nerds, macbooks, macbook airs (ew by the way), and npm.

My relationship with Node is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in and we’re going strong. How you ask? Passion. It’s simple no matter what, I dedicate at least two nights a week and one weekend night to Node. We just sit and talk, sometimes we get lost in each others souls. Hot, sweaty, key stroking passion. We talk about our future and the open source projects we’ll have someday. The older one will play soccer and be captain of the speech and debate team. The baby will love art and be in drama club. They’ll be the sweetest open source projects you’ll ever meet. Way better than your open source projects.

Being a part of this community, I’ve been listening… listening to its heartbeat. When you listen to the heartbeat of a community, you discover what the community wants and I think I’ve done it.

The Solution: NPMBM

Nothing but Poorly ManagedBM

Oh, the BM stands for By Modulus but this isn’t about us, our brand, it’s impact on trade, or its mark on society.

This is about the community, and what the community wants. And so, my fellow members of the community: ask not what your community can do for you — ask what you can do for your community.

My fellow developers of the world: ask not what Node.js will do for you, but what together we can do for the future of technology.

With that in mind today we would like to introduce you to the newest npm mirrors by Modulus.

NPMBM Mirrors available:

Registry: http://registry.npmjs.themoon Website: npmjs.themoon Region: Seriously? – The Moon Data Center: Nasa Moon Data Services Center by SpaceRack Maintainer: Moon People – 1099 employees of Modulus Established: You’ll have to ask the aliens


Registry: http://registry.npmjs.atlantis Website: npmjs.atlantis Region: Deep beneath the sea Data Center: Atlantis SubData Station by OceanDigital Maintainer: Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and King Triton Established: 2012


Registry: http://registry.npmjs.alternatedimension Website:???? Region: Alternate Dimension Data Center: ????? Maintainer: ????? Established:????? Note: Do not put your hand through the computer screen, no guarantees you’ll get it back.


Registry: http://registry.npmjs.mobilenuclearsecuretransport Website: npmjs.nsa Region: Wherever the truck is that day Data Center: The back of the truck Maintainer: Classified Established: Classified


Registry: http://registry.npmjs.camelot Website: npmjs.camelot Region: Camelot Data Center: Round Table Data Solutions Maintainer: Arthur and Lancelot Established: 1492


Node cannot be owned, it is a higher ideal. These mirrors will be maintained within our organization by a specially selected group. A round table of sorts, we will pick members of this court by their good deeds, valiant acts. One man will sit at the head of the table, chosen by destiny not code. The man will pull Excalibur from Node with no effort at all.

Viva la Community.

Love you all with my all, Ghuffran Ali Follow Ghuffran on Twitter

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