Node.js Resources for Beginners

Node.js Resources for Beginners

Recently we've been doing a lot with Node.js (modulus.io anyone?) and during this time we've built a great list of resources for people who are looking to learn more. I present below some of the best resources that we’ve found for learning Node.js.

Nettuts Node.js Tutorial

Good first step into Node.js programming, bit out of date (use an installer unless you're on linux). Also, path.exists is now fs.exists.

The Beginner Node Book

An online, free and open source book on Node. Great for people new to Node or to server-side JavaScript programming.

How To Node

Great list of tutorials and articles on specific topics in Node.

Felix's Node.js Guide

Awesome resource for beginner Node.js developers, but also some good stuff on use cases for Node and convincing your boss. Note: a little out of date but still very relevant.

Node.js Docs

Eh, duh.

Mastering Node.js

Another open source book. A little lower level but some good stuff.

Node.js Mailing List

The place to see announcements and other fun discussions.


Articles that cover a range of Node.js topics including redis and socket.io.

Thanks to Tom Hughes-Croucher for pointing out a couple good resources. He's also got a great book for getting started called Node: Up and Running.

This is certainly a good list of places to start. If you have any others please leave a comment and we'll check them out and update our list. Lastly, if you're in the Midwest and want to learn more make sure to check out Node.cincy monthly meetup.

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