ICYMI: Modulus is Becoming Xervo,DB Billing Updates and more!

ICYMI: Modulus is Becoming Xervo,DB Billing Updates and more!

Last week, Progress announced their plans to spin-off Modulus as an independent product under a new company led by two Progress employees (Tangible™) as well as the decision to rename the Modulus product to Xervo™.

Last week, Progress announced their plans to spin-off Modulus as an independent product under a new company led by two Progress employees (Tangible™) as well as the decision to rename the Modulus product to Xervo™. If you’ve not yet seen either announcement, you can learn more here: https://blog.hellotangible.com/goodbye-modulus-6f88b4c355b5#.71jleldu3

While we recognize this change may be big news to many, we think you’ll find that this change will be a shot in the arm for Xervo (formerly Modulus). Several key members of the Modulus team are making the transition to Tangible and everyone has been working hard to ensure a seamless transition, while gearing up to kick off 2017. When January arrives, you’ll see a few new logos, new product features, more transparency, and most important of all renewed focus and energy from everyone working on Xervo.

Since the announcement was made, we’ve had a lot of conversations with developers all over the world. It’s been great to hear about what you are building, your goals and how we can improve the product to help you be even more successful. This feedback is critical when it comes to how we might structure our roadmaps going forward.

At Tangible, we pride ourselves on empathy, but to accomplish this it means listening, engaging, being transparent while making ourselves available. Community is at our core and you’re a vital piece of that. Here are a few ways I’d ask you to join everyone at Tangible:

  • Slack- We’ve started a public Slack channel http://slack.hellotangible.com This isn’t an extension of our support group, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Anyone is free to join and it’s to help bring our community together across the world. In just this past week we’ve learned so much from you, we aim to help everyone learn from one another and we feel like Slack is one great medium to do so.
  • Blogs- We love to share. We’ve created a new blog home on Medium at http://blog.hellotangible.com. Feel free to follow along and maybe even contribute.
  • Webinars and Open Office Hours- Taking a moment to to chat is important. This starts January 10th. We will hold our first webinar, introducing ourselves putting a face with a name while showing off a few new features and taking any questions that might be out there. Please feel free to register here: http://webinars.hellotangible.com/hello-tangible-hello-xervo-webinar/

Database Pricing Changes

In September, Progress announced a pricing change for MongoDB databases under 64MB, which took effect November 1st. As a part of the Xervo transition, we felt it was critical to review a few items which were put into effect before Tangible was involved. After an extensive audit we uncovered some issues with that communication and found that some of our customers did not receive it. You’ll find the original communication here, which details the change. If this is new information, or if you received an invoice from us but not advance notice via email, we apologize. To ensure that all of our customers are aware of this change, we wanted to take a moment to answer a few questions.


Q: I just started a trial account, will my credit count towards this charge? A: Sure does Please note however that your credits are good for 30 days once you start your trial.

Q: I have no clue if I ever created a database. Can you tell me? A: Please log in to the Xervo dashboard and head to the database section: https://my.modulus.io/user/dashboard

Q: I haven’t been on your platform in years. A: We’re sorry to hear that, and we hope you’ll consider trying us out again. You will still need to login and delete your databases if you no longer want to host those on Xervo.

Q: Is there a way to export my data before I delete it? A: Sure can, we have an article explaining how to export your database here.

Q: I think there is a problem with my bill. Is there someone I can talk with? A: Yes. Email Help@Modulus.io

Q: Wait, it’s only $5 a month to have a MongoDB database up to 1 GB? A: Yes. We think it’s a pretty good deal as well.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, you will soon see some modified invoicing from Tangible. Each month we will send you a monthly update as to how your projects are performing and will enhance these insight in the months to follow. We’ll also detail a bit of your billing and if you have a balance we will follow along with an invoice for your records. And you can always always download your past invoices from the billing section in the dashboard. You can find more information here.

To recap, and as we close out the year, here are a few key dates to keep in mind for January: January 3rd - Modulus officially becomes Xervo January 10th - Tangible Webinar Hello, Xervo & Hello, Tangible Mid January - Xervo feature release. Join the webinar and find out more!

Please have a safe and happy holidays! If you need to reach us for any reason, drop us a line at help@modulus.io.

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell Tangible

http://www.xervo.io http://www.hellotangible.com

What is Xervo?

Xervo makes deploying applications in the public cloud or your own data center easy. Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, Nginx, and MongoDB supported. Full Docker support included in Enterprise version. It’s free to get started.

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