Modulus Acquired by Progress Software

Modulus Acquired by Progress Software

Just about 2 years ago Brandon, Richard, and myself started out at the Brandery building a platform to help companies and developers spend more time building products and less time managing servers. We've had great success so far and have had the opportunity to be part of a fun and rapidly growing Node.js community. Today, I'm excited to announce that we're joining Progress Software.

I want to alleviate any fears that Modulus is changing in a negative manner. Modulus will stay in Cincinnati, will continue to run with our current team, and is even more focused on building the best platform for Node.js and MongoDB developers in the world.

So what's changing? Well, we now have a much larger base of resources to build and support the Modulus platform. We’ve already grown the team by half a dozen people, stay tuned for posts introducing them. We've launched our updated branding today - there's a touch of orange now. Maybe the most important change is that now, with Progress, we are pushing Node.js in the enterprise more than ever.

What you should take away? We are now dedicated more than ever to support the Node.js and MongoDB communities and provide the best platform available.

We're ecstatic about joining the Progress team and look forward to everything we're going to accomplish. You can read the official press release here.

To The Next Level,
Charlie Key


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