Meet Tyler Michael

Meet Tyler Michael

We wanted to spread the word that we have added some new faces to Modulus. Meet Tyler. He is our DevOps Engineer, and we've been lucky enough to have him on the Modulus team. With that being said, get to know Tyler and why he joined our Modulus team!

Who are you and how did you learn about Modulus?

Hi! I'm Tyler, and I am a DevOps Engineer at Modulus. I first learned about Modulus when I was first learning Node a few years ago. I was reading an article on setting up a MEAN stack, and the author had used Modulus as the Mongo database provider.

What attracted you to Modulus?

What attracted me to Modulus was the technologies they use and the problems they solve. The platform is built on top of Docker and plus, Paas's have alway interested me.

Where did you go to school, what did you major in, and what attracted you to that major?

I actually went down a less conventional path than most people in this industry. I never went to college. I went to a career technical school for IT when I was in high school. While I was there, I took advantage of every opportunity I could and found that I really loved programming.  I was lucky enough to land a full time job at iHeartMedia before graduation, so going to college just wasn't something that made sense at the time.

Where have you worked before coming to Modulus?

I worked for iHeartMedia, formerly Clear Channel, before working at Modulus. They are a big entertainment company; they own iHeartRadio and a bunch of radio stations all over the country. I was the Systems Admin for their research division.

What do you do in your free time?

I love building things, so most of my free time is spent tinkering with new technologies and programming.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate technology. From hardware to software, I enjoy it all.

What are your goals while you work at Modulus?

Learn more about Docker and different cloud providers / technologies.

Are you passionate about technology?

I am very passionate about technology. I enjoy learning about new technologies and using them to solve problems.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger I wanted to be an astronomer.

What should everyone know about you?

Everyone should know that I love watching movies and playing with my dog.

What is Xervo?

Xervo makes deploying applications in the public cloud or your own data center easy. Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, Nginx, and MongoDB supported. Full Docker support included in Enterprise version. It’s free to get started.

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