Meet John Musgrave

Meet John Musgrave

We wanted to spread the word that we have added some new faces to Modulus. Meet John. He is our Senior Software Engineer, and we are lucky enough to have him on the Modulus team. With that being said, get to know John and why he joined our Modulus team!

Who are you and how did you learn about Modulus?

Hi everyone, my name is John Musgrave, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Modulus.   I learned about Modulus from their presence in the startup and Node.js communities.  I think the first time I used Modulus was after reading Sacha Greif's book "Discover Meteor", in which he mentions Modulus in one of the first chapters.

What attracted you to Modulus?

I feel like Modulus was on the frontier of the shift towards cloud computing when it was just starting to emerge.  They had a cloud hosting platform that let developers focus more on their code, and were proponents of both Node and Meteor development.

Where did you go to school, what did you major in, and what attracted you to that major?

I went to school in the Cincinnati area for college and high school.  I took some introductory programming courses at the high school level, and had enough interest in the subject to major in it in college.  I think I was hooked after I got my first algorithm problem, and I also worked on a few simple games.  Something about the challenge was intriguing.  It was just the only class in high school that I was really interested in, I had never wanted to stay up all night working on anything school related before that.  It also made me become a lot more interested in learning Math and Science.  I think it gave me a way to apply all of the theory that I was learning.  It interested me, not only from a Math perspective, but from the language perspective.  Learning how to express the same concept in a different way was something that I found interesting.  I enjoyed everything I studied in college, but I think my favorite course was Compiler Theory and Design.  Mainly because of the work done by famous linguists, who developed the first computational models of language, which is something that is fascinating to me.  And the underlying theory of a finite state machine is one of the concepts I use on a daily basis.

Where have you worked before coming to Modulus?

I have worked in several other startups in the Cincinnati area.  Before working at Modulus I was a Senior Software Engineer at Roadtrippers.  I have also worked as a freelance developer for a while.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I like to read a lot of different things.  Mainly literature and philosophy, but also technical books.  I like to exercise and ride my bike.  And I really enjoy playing music.

What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about technology, which is changing faster all the time, and is also changing the way people live and work.

What are your goals while you work at Modulus?

My goals for working at Modulus are to become the best developer that I can, and to deliver the highest quality product that I can to our users.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

If you asked me at age five I would have probably said that I wanted to be Batman.  He did all of his own engineering too.  I think after that I always wanted to do something with computers.  When I was younger Nintendo 64 was all the rage, so I wanted to learn how to program so I could make video games.  

What is Xervo?

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