Hello, Xervo and Hello, Tangible!

Hello, Xervo and Hello, Tangible!

“Forget luxury; as a great company, you have to keep evolving.” - Angela Ahrendts

Modulus, Then and Now

Modulus was founded in 2012 as a simpler, faster way to develop next-generation, scalable sites and apps. This singular focus on simplicity was a core value in the early days of the product, and helped guide its early success. In 2014, Modulus joined the Progress family and continued to build out features and functionality designed to make deployment, scale and monitoring easier and more cost-effective than ever, whether you’re a solo developer, a small team or a large enterprise.

Now, in late 2016, Modulus sits at a key inflection point, and opportunities abound for this innovative product set. Modulus is uniquely positioned to capitalize on opportunities to help developers and DevOps engineers looking to leverage the power of modern development stacks like Node, Python, DNX and more, and the simplicity of the cloud to build and deploy solutions faster.

The Way Forward

To capitalize on these opportunities, Progress has decided to spin-off the Modulus business and product to an independent company run by two current Progressers, Brandon Satrom (VP for Product Strategy, Operations and Innovation) and Clark Sell (Director of Product for Modulus). Clark and I (Brandon) have founded a new entity, Tangible™, and will assume ownership of Modulus on January 3rd, 2017. Progress and its leadership team strongly believe that the Modulus product and customers will benefit from the increased focus and sharp direction the business will receive as an independent entity. The existing Modulus team will also make the transition with us as employees of Tangible.

In addition, as a part of our assumption of ownership of Modulus, we will be changing the name of the Modulus product to Xervo™, which will also take effect on January 3rd, 2017. After this time, you’ll see a new website live at xervo.io, along with new branding. The technical aspects of the transition will on the morning of January 3rd, starting at 9:00 a.m. EST and should last no longer than three (3) hours. During the transition, you'll be unable to access the admin portal for managing and scaling your apps. Your deployed and running apps and sites will not be affected by the switch and should run without interruption.

If you’re an existing Xervo (formerly Modulus) customer, you may have already seen an email from Progress’s COO, Jerry Rulli, announcing this change, as well as a follow-up from myself and Clark. Whether you have or not, Clark and I wanted to put up a post introducing ourselves, Tangible and share our excitement over this next chapter in Xervo’s journey. As longtime developers ourselves, Clark and I have been fans of Xervo from the moment we first heard of and used the product nearly four years ago. As a startup, and then as a part of Progress, we’ve always believed that Xervo’s “secret sauce” manifested in one of two ways:

  • For developers, the purpose-built simplicity of getting a web site or app running in the cloud in minutes
  • For enterprises, the ability to harness the power of DevOps in the cloud without investing in DevOps teams and infrastructure

We still believe in Xervo’s ability to meet your site and app needs, and we believe that running the product as an independent entity will enable us to make the product better than ever. As a part of Tangible, Xervo customers will enjoy the same quality of service, the same support and the same flexibility at the same prices, and benefit from the knowledge that our focused team and aggressive roadmap will scale along with you, your sites and your business.

More About Us

If you’ve put your faith in Xervo over the last four years, you’d probably like to know a bit more about the individuals who will be directing its future. Clark and I are both 15-year-plus tech industry veterans with experience across enterprise, small businesses and startups, in consulting, enterprise IT and product development. We’ve both filled a variety of roles in this industry, but consider ourselves technologists first and developers at heart.

Here’s a bit more about Clark Sell:

  • Worked as a developer and team lead at Allstate in Chicago
  • Joined Microsoft via Microsoft Consulting Services and spent several years working with Microsoft clients on cutting-edge apps
  • Worked at Microsoft, alongside Brandon, in field evangelism, where we were responsible for HTML5, JavaScript and Node.js education and training across the Central United States
  • Spent two years on the Azure product team, helping partners and customers transition to the cloud and scale mission-critical applications
  • At Progress, Clark served as a Product Manager for the Telerik Platform and a Director of Product for the Telerik ALM suite, Rollbase and Xervo.

And myself, Brandon Satrom:

  • Started my first developer job for a small construction company in 1998
  • Worked as a web developer, team lead and architect in consulting, industry and nonprofits in Texas and Colorado
  • Worked at Microsoft, alongside Clark, in field evangelism, where we were responsible for HTML5, JavaScript and Node.js education and training across the Central United States
  • Was hired as Telerik’s first Product Manager and the first PM for Kendo UI, where I worked closely on the product for its first two years.
  • At Progress, I served as Director of Product Management, a General Manager for the Progress Developer Tools and Platforms business (which included Xervo) and, most recently, as VP for Product Strategy, Operations and Innovation

To learn more about us and our backgrounds, feel free to visit Clark’s and my LinkedIn profiles, or Clark’s and my GitHub profiles.

Clark and I have worked together at two companies (Microsoft and Telerik/Progress) over the last seven years, and are excited to have Xervo be an important product in our vision for the third, Tangible. Our careers have provided a great deal of industry, enterprise, software and product experience, and we believe that running Xervo and Tangible is the best next step in our individual journeys. We hope that our backgrounds give you confidence in the future of Xervo and the sites and apps you’re building with the platform.

Hello Xervo, and Hello Tangible!

Pedigree aside, we know our actions will speak loudest as Xervo transitions under Tangible. In the coming days, weeks and months, you’ll see a renewed cadence of great fixes and features coming through the Xervo pipeline. And as Modulus becomes Xervo and part of Tangible, we want to make sure that our customers feel more confident than ever in our future and their investment in this product. From day one, we want to make sure that your voices are heard, your questions are answered and that the evolution of this product reflects the needs of your business, your sites and your apps. So, first and foremost, we invite you to sign-up and join us on our new, public Slack channel at slack.hellotangible.com. That channel is open right now and we and the Xervo team are waiting to hear from you.

In addition, we invite you to join us for a Tangible and Xervo launch webinar on January 10th at 12 p.m. Central Standard Time, where we’ll talk a bit about our vision for the future and, most importantly, make some exciting announcements about what’s next for Xervo. You can register at http://webinars.hellotangible.com/hello-tangible-hello-xervo-webinar/ and we hope you’ll join us then.

In the meantime, if you have any additional questions about this important and exciting change for Modulus (now Xervo) and what it means, we’d be happy to hear from you directly, and you can email either of us anytime at brandon@hellotangible.com and clark@hellotangible.com.

We’re excited to continue the next phase of this journey with you!

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell Tangible https://xervo.io https://hellotangible.com

What is Xervo?

Xervo makes deploying applications in the public cloud or your own data center easy. Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, Nginx, and MongoDB supported. Full Docker support included in Enterprise version. It’s free to get started.

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