Feautured Startup: ICHAMP

Feautured Startup: ICHAMP

We want to share one of the new startups that has just joined our startup program, ICHAMP. With ICHAMP, athletes gain access to a database that generates personal historical athletic profiles of physiological data and sport-specific data. Get to know more about ICHAMP here. We took a minute to talk with the Co-Founders of ICHAMP, Everett Young and Gregory Schwedock . It gave us an opportunity to learn more about this great product.

What is ICHAMP and what problem are you solving?

iCHAMP is an athletic data mobility & indexing platform. We solve the problem that sports physiology data is fragmented and unavailable to a majority of the primary stakeholders of athletes, both in development and in advancement.

How did you realize this was a problem?

As athletes, we’ve always known that our coaches weren’t communicating physiological benchmarking data with each other across the sports we participated in, and that the focus was always on the most mature and on those with early success as athletes advanced. As coaches, we realized the importance of this information in both helping ALL our athletes perform to their potential and in making sure that all opportunities were available to them, with the emphasis on all athletes.

Who are you and how long have you been building and solving problems?

Everett Young worked as an Alpine Ski Racing coach with several elite sports academies and was often a guest coach with the U.S. Ski Team. He started trying to search for solutions to this particular problem starting in 2002. In 2012, he left his full-time coaching career to seriously pursue a viable solution. He eventually met Greg Schwedock in late 2013 through the Hamilton Venture Network. Greg could relate to the problem and had been working for several years building a solution for dev shops, as a freelancer, and for social impact organizations including TheClimateMobilization.org and his own, Meatlessly.org. They launched the first prototypes to test with pilots and formed iCHAMPSPORTS, Inc. in late 2014.

What inspired you to attempt your own startup?

We’re passionate about solving problems that have social implications and that are close to our personal experiences. Sports have a profound impact on peoples’ lives well beyond the confines of the field, we know that we can do something special here.

What makes ICHAMP unique?

We’ve got insight into the dynamics of this market that can change the value proposition away from “pay to play,” to something more inclusionary.

When can we start using the product?

We’re currently expanding our controlled pilot program and hope to be ready to launch more fully sometime this winter.

For more information, check out of website here.

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