Featured Startup: Disedia

Featured Startup: Disedia

We want to share one of the new startups that has just joined our startup program, Disedia. Disedia combines print and digital marketing into one tool. We took a minute to talk with the founder of Disedia, Johannas Hof. It gave us an opportunity to learn more about this great product.

What is Disedia and what problem are you solving?

Disedia (abbreviation for display media) is a SAAS marketing tool targeting smaller businesses and nonprofits. Disedia combines print and digital marketing seamlessly into one tool. Smaller businesses or nonprofits receive a single, powerful and easy to use tool for building a website, printing brochures and digital signage campaigns. Users enter information once and our tool spreads it to multiple channels. This results in information that is simple to maintain across multiple channels and significant time savings, through a tool that is very easy to use.

How did you realize this was a problem?

I realized that smaller businesses, in particular, are more successful if they focus on their core competencies. However, as times have changed, the digital transformation doesn’t stop for small businesses and it is harder for these businesses to focus on their core competencies. To be successful today, it is important that small businesses invest time and money in digital marketing concepts. However this is definitely not their core competency and small businesses waste a lot of time and money that could be better spent focusing on their main business. This is where a lot of smaller businesses are failing and getting left behind. Disedia is able to solve this problem by giving these companies a tool that is easy to use, inexpensive and will save a lot of time and effort. This will help smaller businesses to present themselves like a bigger company.

Who are you and how long have you been building and solving problems?

I have worked as a product manager for six years in various companies. When working for an internet streaming company I learned a lot about how you can solve problems using the cloud. Later I worked for a television manufacturer and learned a lot about hardware manufacturing and digital signage. My passion is to transform businesses into digital ones, with a focus on using the cloud. I love open source and coding, and try to make things as simple as possible to use.

What inspired you to attempt your own startup?

I have had the dream to found a startup from a very young age. I have gathered sufficient and relative experience in product development and transforming businesses, and I am convinced that I am now fully prepared to take the next step to found my own startup. I believe that with Disedia we can help a lot of smaller businesses to complete the digital transformation and to complete it well. And this is exactly the right time to do it.

What makes Disedia unique?

There are a lot of tools out there for building websites, printing brochures, making facebook or newsletter campaigns, digital signage etc. These tools are better suited to larger companies with more employees, because each tool requires a high investment of time to be managed properly. But a tool does not exist that combines all of these products into one easy to use solution. This is exactly what smaller businesses require and what Disedia provides. What disedia does can be thought of as similar to what modulus is doing with platforms like Amazon web services or other cloud infrastructure tools. Disedia uses an existing platform and is building a new easier to use marketing tool for smaller businesses or nonprofits.

When can we start using the product?

The private beta version will be ready in summer 2016. The official launch will be later this year.

What is Xervo?

Xervo makes deploying applications in the public cloud or your own data center easy. Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, Nginx, and MongoDB supported. Full Docker support included in Enterprise version. It’s free to get started.

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